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I am currently an associate lawyer at Assegaf Hamzah & Partners (AHP). Prior to joining AHP, I was an associate lawyer at Arfidea Kadri Sahetapy-Engel Tisnadisastra (AKSET). Before working as an associate lawyer, I worked as a legal analyst for This work experience exposed me to vast amount of knowledge regarding Indonesian laws and regulations, as well as sharpening my legal research skills. For more details about my professional career, please see my resume.

I graduated from the Faculty of Law of Airlangga University, specializing in International Law. During my studies, I participated in various moot courts and I am still active in guiding and coaching the moot court teams of my alma mater.

You are free to comment in any of my posts (don’t be shy, I haven’t bitten anyone), and even propose topics for me to write about, for which I will honestly be grateful. Feel free to point out mistakes or provide input of any kind, which can at least become something I can implement for future posts or even initiate fruitful discussion.

Outside of professional matters, I am interested in making new contacts and relations for non-work activities. Please contact me at any of my social media (available in the navigation menu) or you can drop me an email by filling-in the contact form below.

Other than the obvious writing hobby, I am an avid chess player who is keenly learning (albeit auto-deduct) various aspects of the game. I’m currently focusing on brushing up my opening moves, learning mostly the Sicilian Defense (including its many, many variations), and the Slav Defense. I used to be quite fond of playing the Scotch Game and the Italian Game, but they didn’t work for me.

I’m also into reading fantasy books. A few of my favorite authors include J. R. R. Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson, and Stephen King, and, coincidentally in line with my profession, I’ve read a few books by John Grisham.